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So… the curse continues. [bum bum buuuuuum]


I had to work late last night.  It was a big deal, but most of my job was hitting the refresh button over and over again to make sure that the website hadn’t crashed.  I lasted for about 35 minutes before I pulled my knitting out (with the approval of the team, of course)


Let’s just say – it is not a good idea to publicly announce that you have this particular yarn under control.  It will find new and interesting ways to mess with you.  For example, it will refuse to remind you that a yarn-over is required, and let you try to fix it 5 rows later… laughing at you for your insolence while tugging the dropped stitch further and further down your decrease row.  When it was all said and done, after FIVE HOURS of knitting/working, I had knitted 5 rows, tinked back 5.5 rows to fix the mistake, then re-knit 7 rows.  If I had not awakened the curse of this yarn by posting about it on my blog, I very well could have finished this hat last night.


However, I maintain that my knitting sacrifice made everything at work go relatively smoothly, so that’s good.


Anyway, here’s the hat, and here’s the cool zipper-bag that it is still tethered to.  Someday, the curse of this yarn will be lifted, most likely when it is OUT of my stash!

From Sugar Cane Yarn


From Sugar Cane Yarn

As I was flashing my stash last weekend, I decided that I needed to put these two yarns together to make something fantastic.

From Misc Pics

I had been eyeing this pattern on Ravelry for a while, trying to figure out the best yarns to make it with.. because  it would be an absolute shame to disrespect such an awesome pattern with less than perfect-for-it-yarn. A little less than a week later, here it is!

From Hats

Obligatory inside-out view of stranded knitting…

From Hats

This was the most difficult thing I’ve finished… Lace is hard (and therefore I rarely finish it unless it’s easy), but stranded, corrugated ribbing is HARD!  The yarn tangles up on itself, and it is difficult to remember which yarn to keep on which finger (because both yarns are used at the same time)  Halfway through this pattern, I decided to call it my TINK hat, because I had to TINK (knit backwards) the thing apart at least a dozen times.  I had decided that it would be a good, long while before I started another project like this again.

But then, look at it!  It’s so pretty, and so cool… and look at how the butterfly wings change color.  I can’t help but look at this hat and think that it needs a sibling hat – with fishies instead of butterflies… wouldn’t that be cool?  Fishies swimming across a blue hat?  The next colors in the skein of yarn are orange, yellow, and a bit of purple – so I think it has seen its destiny.  We’ll see how my strand-ability works out.

In the meantime, I can’t live with myself as a knit-blogger if I mention ‘flashing my stash’ without actually flashing my stash… so here it is!

From Misc Pics

You have been flashed.

Ed thinks that it’s a BIG stash. I think he’s wrong. What do you think?

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