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I have been going through the stash, since most of my yarn budget is going to Dance Class, and decided to make a hat for Ashur using the last of his yarn.  It looked like I had enough for a baby hat… and I probably did… but I decided he needed this hat.  With flaps.

From Drop Box


And now I don’t have enough yarn to finish the top.

From Baby Stuff


From Baby Stuff

Well… at least I’m using ALL of his yarn on stuff for him!



For someone who *hates* Chicago Winter as much as I do, you’d think that I’d be elated that Summer is here… and I am, don’t get me wrong.  But I can’t knit in this heat!  After walking for 5-20 minutes in Chicago heat-midity, it takes my hands a good 10 minutes to get dehumidified enough to be able to handle yarn with any sort of realistic tension.  I’ve discovered that THIN yarn works the best for Summer Knitting.  (I’ve finished Ed’s socks, but have no modeled photos yet, so you’ll just have to wait until he can put WOOL socks on….)


I’ve been making great progress on the fingerless “office” mitts.  I need them in the office for when someone decides that an office needs to be anywhere between 10 and 40 degrees cooler inside than it is outside.  Ridiculous!  You come in all ‘damp’ from walking in the outside heat-midity, then are flash-frozen as soon as you near your desk.  Simply absurd.  I have a space heater for the SUMMER!  Think of all the dead dinosaurs that could be saved by using LESS energy to cool a building.  SAVE the Dead Dinosaurs!  (or knit fingerless mitts…)

From Adventures in Lace

I feel like this looks like a dress right now… but it’s too big for barbie, and too small for anyone that I know… so fingerless mitts they shall be!


I’m making fast progress on them, so I’ve started thinking about what other Summer Knits I could do.  I went through my stash today and started pairing things up:


A hat for the baby Ashur.  This is the last of his yarn from his ‘going home outfit’, so I figured he needs a new hat

From Misc Pics


A pair of socks for me.  (I’m not looking forward to them because it feels like a long-term investment, but they will be AWESOME when they are done)

From Misc Pics


Another pair of socks for the only grown person on the planet who would wear what I have in mind for this yarn

From Misc Pics


A hat like my butterfly hat, but with fishies instead (this feels like an autumn project… but it’s been on my mind for a while)

From Misc Pics


*Something* with these.  This is the leftover yarn from my Autumn Cowl and some other leftovers from last year’s Christmas Adventure.

From Misc Pics


I decided to use up the rest of my cotton (from my first attempt at a sweater a year and a half ago) and make a zig-zag washcloth.  I am now DONE with cotton.  It makes my hand hurt.  I’m sticking to animal fibre from here on out.

From 2011 FOs

So I had all kinds of good intentions with blogging about this sweater.  There were all kinds of “entertaining” pitfalls, tangles, dropped stitches, new techniques, etc.

From Fun with Sweaters

Like this lovely knot that loved to visit every time I pulled the knitting out!


Or like when I forgot to do an increase for the shoulder, and had to rip back two rows of stitches, and then pick them all up… yeah, that sucked… but the picture didn’t really show what truly happened, and by the time I was near a computer again, the pain had receded, and I was excited to be near the sleeves.

From Fun with Sweaters

The stars show the increase stitches. See the missing star? No you don’t… because it’s MISSING!


Then I was going to show off what the sweater looked like when the sleeves were separated… but I was so excited to have made so much progress, I just kept on going.


Then I was going to show what two skeins of yarn looked like in partial-sweater form… but I was so excited, I kept knitting…


Then I was going to blog about how important edging was… to avoid curling… with the added bonus of how to do icord edging… but before I knew what was going on, I was almost a third of the way through the edging…

From Fun with Sweaters


From Fun with Sweaters

And then all of the sudden, I woke up, the sweater was done, and I was wearing it to work!

From Fun with Sweaters


How do these things happen?


All in all, I have officially shoved my ‘never make a sweater’ foot in my mouth… and I can’t wait to start another one.  Maybe the next one will be a longer one….

My blogversary was yesterday.


There was cake.


From Misc Pics

(for those of you who are not ‘up’ on yarn-jargon, when yarn is wound on a yarn-ball winder, the resulting ‘ball’ is actually called a cake.  You may laugh now – either at my joke, or the ridiculous naming convention of knitters… because both are pretty darn funny!)


I celebrated my blogversary, not by blogging, but by working on… (drumroll please….)




From Fun with Sweaters

Well, a shrug, really… well, the pattern says it’s a Bolero – which is really kind of a shrug… which is about a half of a sweater…


It’s going to be for wearing with dresses, because I can’t find a single sweater/shrug/bolero/thingie that I like with my dresses… so I must make it.


It is Malabrigo (of course)… and true to Malabrigo’s form – the yarn WILL NOT turn itself into a nice ball.  First, it took a good 45 minutes to get wound into a ball by hand, then two and a half attempts on the yarn ball winder (the half-one was pretty awesome… the cake thought it turned into a bird, and flew into the window, scaring the jeebus out of Tux!)  Then finally, after the last yarn-ball cake  turned into a jellyfish, an old-school hand-wound ball.  The hand-wound seems to be doing okay for now, so we’ll see if it lasts.  I have 4 more hanks that will presumably go into this sweater/shrug/bolero/thingie, so we’ll see how much of the Malabrigo-ball-cake-suffering continues.


From Misc Pics

This is a particularly tame picture of the yarn-suffering this weekend endured. The rest were too unwieldy to stop and take a picture. If I had taken my eyes off for a second, Malabrigo would have taken it as a challenge to see how much MORE tangled it could have gotten in the .002 seconds that my eyes were turned.


Also, I started Ed’s second pair of socks.  I call them Tweedy Socks, because they are made with Tweed yarn.  Yes, I am a dork.  He loves me anyway.  Probably because he gets socks.

From Socks


I also finished the first part of the four-part series – my “desk gloves”.  Fingerless gloves to wear in the office when the air conditioning gets so cold that my fingers stop working.  I have the first ‘cuff’.  Soon, I will have the second ‘cuff’ (after I actually cast it on and start working on it), then both ‘cuffs’ will have stitches picked up all around, and will be worked two-at-a-time until I have two desk gloves (it sounds like only a three-part series, but trust me, it’s four… maybe even 5 or 6… because there’s lace involved at the end).

From Adventures in Lace


So anyway… happy blogversary to me!  I accept gifts… either knitpicks gift cards or yarn.  :-)

…back to our normally scheduled programming…


I “finished” the sugar cane hat.

From Sugar Cane Yarn


I have the word “finished” in quotes, because while the knitting is done, and the ends are woven in, this hat is far from completed…


This yarn does not want to be a hat.  It wants to be a shawl, or a wrap, or a drapey cardigan.  It doesn’t want to hug or grip, or maintain shape in any way.

From Sugar Cane Yarn


I was sort of afraid that this would happen – in fact, I *knew* it would happen when I was able to wind the last skein of yarn with both ends together without much hassle.  Seriously, this yarn LOVES to tangle, so why would it not take advantage of the fact that I was removing it from it’s factory skein, taking the end from the outside and the end from the inside, forcing them together while I wound an entire new ball of yarn?  It should have been more difficult, but it wasn’t.  It was barely even a challenge, and that’s including Tux trying to figure out the best attack angle while I was winding it with the ball-winder.

From Sugar Cane Yarn


No… this yarn knew what was in store, and it couldn’t wait for me to realize what had happened.  It gracefully wound itself up so that I could finish the ‘hat’ that the yarn *knew* wasn’t going to work out. I know I heard giggling when I started to cast off. I thought it was me – giggling from the excitement of being *this close* to a finished project. It wasn’t me. It was the yarn.

From Sugar Cane Yarn


Cheeky yarn….

So… the curse continues. [bum bum buuuuuum]


I had to work late last night.  It was a big deal, but most of my job was hitting the refresh button over and over again to make sure that the website hadn’t crashed.  I lasted for about 35 minutes before I pulled my knitting out (with the approval of the team, of course)


Let’s just say – it is not a good idea to publicly announce that you have this particular yarn under control.  It will find new and interesting ways to mess with you.  For example, it will refuse to remind you that a yarn-over is required, and let you try to fix it 5 rows later… laughing at you for your insolence while tugging the dropped stitch further and further down your decrease row.  When it was all said and done, after FIVE HOURS of knitting/working, I had knitted 5 rows, tinked back 5.5 rows to fix the mistake, then re-knit 7 rows.  If I had not awakened the curse of this yarn by posting about it on my blog, I very well could have finished this hat last night.


However, I maintain that my knitting sacrifice made everything at work go relatively smoothly, so that’s good.


Anyway, here’s the hat, and here’s the cool zipper-bag that it is still tethered to.  Someday, the curse of this yarn will be lifted, most likely when it is OUT of my stash!

From Sugar Cane Yarn


From Sugar Cane Yarn
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