It is done.  Finished. COMPLETED!  See for yourself…


From Train Scarf

Look at that caboose.  Isn’t it lovely?


From Train Scarf


Look at how both sides are the same… but different.  How bleeping cool is that?!


It is finally in the hands of its owner, who seems to be very excited to take it out for a spin when it gets colder.


I will admit, there are more than a few mistakes in it, and I started to leave them in on purpose.  A friend of mine saw it in progress, and said that it should be in a museum somewhere.  While she meant well, it sort of upset me.  I didn’t spend MONTHS of my life making something to hang on a wall – especially since it’s double-sided, so if it was hung on a wall, half of the thing would be lost.  No, I spent months on this thing so that it could protect a neck and face from the elements and look really cool at the same time.  I fully expect that this ‘piece of art’ will be sneezed into, coughed into, dipped in coffee, and otherwise abused by runny noses and the like.  It’s a scarf.  That is its destiny.  To cheat it out of its destiny to hang it on a wall defiles it in some way, and I won’t have it!  So yes, I left a few flaws in there, specifically to make it not worthy of a wall.  You want something to hang on a wall, buy a painting.


Also, to further solidify that this scarf is NOT to be hung on a wall somewhere, I told the recipient that if I found out that it was on a wall, I would drive over to his house, rip it off of the wall, and line his cats’ bed with it – because they have claws, and will tear it to bits.


Yes, I feel that strongly about it.  So if I’ve made something for you, and you’re “saving it”  Stop.  Wear it!  Wear the hell out of it.  Wear it until it starts to pill and come apart… I can always make another one.


Connie, that goes for this, too… although you won’t get to see the finished product until I’m out there in a few weeks…


From Baby Stuff

3 Responses to “and the train goes CHOO CHOO all the way home”

  • Kristen:

    Abby it looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Bob Jones:

    This is simply amazing.

  • Gayle:

    Amen to your comments about recipients using your gifts! Nothing, NOTHING, that I knit is so precious that it should never be used! As I knit a gift for someone, I imagine them using it, not folding it up in a drawer. I wish people would think that through.

    Your train scarf is awesome. Really awesome. I hope the recipient wears it out and gets pleasure and warmth from it every minute.

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