A year ago, you left us.  You were sick, tired, and apparently done with your worn-out body.  We were sad to say goodbye, but grateful that you held on long enough to give us a chance to be there.

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Over the past year, I’ve often thought about you, and wished that you could have been an active part of our lives again.  Birthday parties filled with kids, school plays, weddings, and general wackiness – they were all a little bit empty without you there, and we all said so – every time.

From Misc Pics


You were there when I started knitting.  At the time, I was busy making things for other people, but you were on my list of soon-to-be-recipients.  You didn’t mind…  I had plenty of time to make things for you – or so we thought…

From Dutch Giebudowski


I would have made a hat for you out of red yarn.  It would have had a purple crocheted flower.  I would have thought about making a wrap for you, and we would have gone to the store together to pick out the yarn for it.  You would have said the yarn I wanted to buy was too expensive, and I would have bought it anyway… but I eventually would have given up on the whole thing… too time consuming.  Instead, I would have made blue and peach baby booties – because they would have made you think of babies whenever you looked at them, and that would have made you happy, despite whatever was plaguing you that day.

From Dutch Giebudowski


It’s not the same without you.  We miss you.  Kiss Kiss.


Kathleen Giebudowski

11/29/54 – 4/10/10

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