So I was jokingly talking about going to the grocery store with a tape measure on Friday when a guy at work told me it was a ‘great’ idea.

So today, armed with my monkey tape measure (thanks, Alex!) I measured produce at the local market in South Haven.  Let me start with the fact that it is MARCH in MICHIGAN.  This means that fruit is… not at its best.  I measured grapefruits that were the average size of a California Orange and started to get disheartened.  How was I going to get a proper ‘model’ for Ashur’s hat if the fruit in Michigan is ‘dinky’.

I started looking at the baby watermelons and cantaloupes.  They were OBVIOUSLY too big.  Then something happened to the lights, and they shone upon the coconuts.  On the second try, we had our model.

From Baby Stuff

Ashur is henceforth known as ‘my little coconut’.

This hat is pretty cool.  It starts out as a ‘newspaper boy’ hat, and as Ashur grows, it can become his first ‘skater’ hat.  :-)

I was talking to my brother the other day about how excited I am to be knitting stuff for his baby because I know that whatever I make is appreciated and loved.  I have dedicated the entire skein of yarn from Ashur’s sweater to any woolly thing that Ashur may need; so in addition to his new hat, I am making him booties and mittens.

From Baby Stuff

The booties are done.  Mittens are next, and they will (hopefully) be shipped on Monday!

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  • Sharron Rae:

    Absolutely darling! (my hands are up to my smiling face). How cute are they!! You are truly talented…and how inventive to find a model in the produce department. :0)

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